Sell & Advertise Online

Get your products online today.

Whether you’re looking to sell products for your business, blog or hobby, we can set up a Facebook store for you that will enable you to connect to more customers than ever before. Your Facebook store provides you with revolutionary Facebook e-commerce potential and control over your business. Get started today and find out how easy it is to sell with Facebook. The Shopify/Facebook integration also allows us to insert ‘Buy now’ buttons on your website – instant ecommerce without any of the security headaches or costs associated with standalone ecommerce sites.

Contact us now to discuss our Facebook shop offer – From R2200 setup + only $9 dollars / month ongoing cost.



Advertise on Facebook now and capitalise on the social network’s 1.65 billion daily active users.  Facebook advertising is highly targetable and cost-effective. We set up tightly targeted ads for you, run them and report on your ROI. Ideally ad material should be regularly changed as it impacts on response rate.



Cost Included ad designs/administration Included Ad Spend
R600 1 ad R300
R800 2 ads R300
R1100 2 ads R450
R1700 4 ads R600

More extensive options can also be discussed.

I can also manage your Facebook page  – track responses and ensure that you don’t miss any crucial leads from as little as R500 / month.